Second Online Meeting

Sunday, 16th May

11:30 – 13:00 h (CET)


  • Trips made / projected 2021
  • Covid’19: Expetations
  • FAMAGUSTA General Meeting update

Travel experiences:

Harry Mitsidis: Egypt (White Desert); Ethiopia; North Macedonia; UK Country side
David: Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama
Jacobo: Madeira, Azores
Francesc: Lapland


11 members joined the Second Online Meeting. After introduction of new members, travelers have shared their traveling experiences during the 1st Quarter 2021: White Desert (Egypt); Ethiopia; North Macedonia, UK countryside; Colombia; Costa Rica; Madeira & Azores and Lapland in Sweden were on the spot.
Preparation of the future Chapter Meeting in Famagusta (30/31 October) and participation in Malta International Meeting have been important topics of discussion.
Finally all members have expressed their near future travel dreams.