International Meeting: Algiers, December 9-10th, 2023

The TCC MED held a Chapter Meeting on December 09/10 in Alger, and this fact in itself represent a great milestone for the TCC, since is the first meeting in Africa.

Up to 16 travelers, from 9 different nationalities attended the activities scheduled for these two days.

On Saturday 9,the participants met at City Hotel to begin a visit to Tipaza, located on the Mediterranean coast, 70 km west of Algiers. Tipaza, founded by the Phoenicians, become a Roman city in the first century AD and which today is a World Heritage Site. After an entertained lunch at a fish restaurant, we returned to Algiers where in the afternoon we had the Chapter meeting that took place in the New Day Hotel.

The meeting began, with an introduction to the history and evolution of MED Chapter during 2023 , done per Francesc Borrull, as a coordinator, which was followed by an open discussion of how to improve the TCC itself.

Highlights of the meeting were the delivery of membership diploma to Corin Doregger and silver status diploma to Jose Manuel Jimenez. Diplomas were also delivered/recognized to Chapter members who had completed the Mediterranean challenge: Harry Mitsidis, Frans Lettenström and Anthony Bailey, who after visiting Libya has completed all UN 193.

Then the participants were able to enjoy the true purpose of these meetings which is to share travel experiences, on this occasion, Wen Kuo spoke to us about Eritrea, John Anderson about Saudi Arabia, and Jose Manuel Jimenez about Tchad (Gerevol Festival).

Finally, the meeting ended by voting on the different proposals for organizing the next Chapter meeting to be held during 1 st quarter 2025. The three finalist locations were: Beirut; Bonifacio Strait and Lampedusa. And among these, the members of the Chapter will choose, during the 1st quarter of 2024, the definitive place.

After the meeting, the entire group enjoyed a dinner with traditional Algerian food in the AL WALIMA restaurant.

The following day, Sunday the 10th, the participants were able to enjoy a visit to the city of Algiers where they were able to walk through its Cashba, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, and visit the Martyrs’ Monument and the church of Our Lady of Africa.